One Year Later

Happy Halloween, everyone.

Can you believe that it’s been a year already since the site launched? Nomadic Grandeur and T.D. Cloud have worked closely together on Redamancy, and several smaller authors have been taken in as well for singular one off projects.

Creating, otherwise, has been a slog and a struggle, but it’s been an interesting year of reflection (ha, doesn’t that sound familiar). Even though this year was equally as difficult as the last and though it hasn’t been the creative powerhouse I was hoping that it would be, this has been a fun year of working with others and expanding my horizons.

Having the site as a hub as been an incredible boon, and even though I haven’t had a chance to update it with new ventures, it has still opened the conversation for collaboration and business.

Please enjoy the rest of your night, and thank you for one year with my network. I’m excited for what’s in store for us.

— Until next time.

Blog Clean-Up

While the Patreon is currently suspended, the blog is getting something of a clean up. All creative tags and information have been moved to drafts. Auriel Naughtwell’s tags on this blog and all of the works on their Goodreads have been temporarily made unavailable.

Nomadic Grandeur‘s tags have been cleaned up as well, making it easier to navigate the page. This page may or may not be accessible in the future; for now, all relevant information is still available on the home page.

Current standard posts will remain as they are, though some have been removed due to relevancy. Thank you for understanding.

Patreon Suspended

As of today, I’ve made the difficult decision to suspend my Patreon.

I joined back in September 2016 (wow, time flies). It was a way to make money for all the writing I did while I built the foundation for what would be the official launch of Crow Based Network. Even though the goal itself was serious, I hadn’t planned anything too intense with the Patreon itself. I just wanted to have a place to post my creative works. It was something that was all mine, and it was a central hub for everything I was getting into.

It was a way to connect all of the disjointed aspirations, and for a while, it even gave me focus. It was all in good fun at first, and it did help me make a plan. I dusted off my old Blogspot techniques and created a working schedule to help keep my content interesting and up to date. For a while, there was no pressure. I was finding my footing, and I wasn’t terribly interested in what others were doing.

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